Fisher's Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Services

At Fisher's Pharmacy there is no waiting in long lines, and being treated like “just another number.” We are a hometown, independent pharmacy that enjoys the rewards of giving back and making a difference in the lives of the people in our community.

Prescription Services

We believe your time is valuable, therefore we strive to complete all prescription orders in a timely manner. We accept, and are preferred in most all major prescription insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. Please give us a call to verify that we are preferred in your network.

Auto Fill

Have you ever wanted to take the worry out of ordering your prescriptions? If you would like, we can set you up to automatically refill your prescriptions when they are due so all you have to do is pick them up! No worries. No hassles! Call or stop by the pharmacy for details.


We are a Nationally Certified Immunization Provider. We offer Flu, Shingles, Pneumonia and many more vaccinations. We have a private room to make the experience as pleasant as possible when getting a shot. Please call to inquire about vaccine recommendations and availability. Our staff would be glad to give the injections with an appointment.

LTC Services

If you have family members who live in an assisted living facility we can package medications in unit-dose packaging systems that comply with facility requirements. We also offer delivery services to ensure that your loved one has the medication they need when they need it.

Customized Packaging

We can provide blister packs to help remember when to take your medications. Our customized packaging system features prepackaged, ready-to-dispense unit doses for one treatment cycle of medication.

Free Delivery

We will deliver your prescriptions to your home or work place for free! No other pharmacy offers a delivery service as complete or as flexible as Fisher's Pharmacy. In addition to your prescription medications, we'd be glad to include over-the-counter products and items from our gift gallery.

Drive-Thru Window

Fisher's Pharmacy offers a convenient, time-saving drive-thru window. When inclimate weather strikes, and you'd rather not walk into the store to pick-up your prescription, we can take care of you quickly - without even leaving your car.

Medication Counseling

Understanding information about the medication your doctor has prescribed, how often and for how long you are going to take it, and what the medication is being used for are all important factors when taking prescription medications. We're here to answer questions you have about your medications.

Medication Compounding

In addition to our traditional pharmacy services, we offer custom medication compounding services. We work with physicians and veterinarians to prepare specialized medications not available from drug manufacturers. Visit our compounding page for more information.

Weight Loss Clinic

Fisher's Pharmacy is a certified medical weight-loss clinic, offering patients the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol - a medically developed four phase protocol containing two key components, weight loss and a healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results over your life course.

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